White Golden Retriever Puppies

Have you seen these golden beauties?? They are just plain heart-warming, sweet and quite a spectacle – even if they chew on the leather.

White golden retrievers are quite unique but not rare and special as some breeders have claimed. Beware, you could be asked to pay more if you buy the hullabaloo. This dog breed has grown in popularity over the years and therefore, there has been a great demand. And just like they do in the marketing campaigns, there are bound to be some ambitious breeders with some ‘special’, ‘limited edition’, or ‘special edition’ of the breed.

Here is the bad news; if you got yourself a white golden retriever puppy, you can forget the dog shows. It’s not permitted and you also have to register it as a cross. You see, pure breed golden retrievers do not come in white colors. Their colors range from light cream and ivory to the various shades of the gold color.

I have seen reports that say that the coat colors start out as white when they are young, but eventually take up the light cream colors after a couple of months. I’m not sure if this is general finding or just a bunch of isolated cases.

These dogs love the water and will splash at any slight opportunity into a paddle or the pool. And, they like to ‘retrieve’ a lot. As pups, they will certainly want to put their playful nature and their high energy levels into use nearly all the time. With a white puppy, the dirt and stains will be extremely conspicuous; therefore, you might have to clean him every now and then. golden retriever puppies colorado

These white pups should just about keep all the characteristics of the breed. But beware, since they are not entirely pure breeds, they may have some unpredictable characteristics from their parents like temperament.

The hue of your doggie shouldn’t be such an issue, unless you are eyeing the championships. I know some folks have a thing for white dogs (me included). If you insist and absolutely have to get a white golden retriever, get in touch with a credible breeder or kennel that will not fleece you because of this ‘special’ or ‘rare’ golden retriever.

Do not make any online purchases before you actually get to see the puppy, as in, don’t just rely on the photos. They could be deceiving in that a cream or ivory colored puppy could look like a white one on the photo. Keep in mind that we have photo editing software these days. The best thing is to always make a trip to the kennel or the breeder and verify this for yourself as soon as the puppies are born.

Finally, as with any puppy breed or pet, ensure you have made proper preparation before their arrival. This is a long term deal, so ensure that you get exactly what you want. Consider everything, the health of the puppy, temperament etc before you settle on a white golden retriever puppy.



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